The energy in the room was amazing after the laughter session!

Colleagues who had walked in at the beginning of the program with a frown on their face all left with smiles” and “people from different departments were all talking to each other“.

These are the words of just two of the participants from a laughter session presented for GHD. The company is ranked in the world’s top 50 engineering and architecture companies. They had me present to their Melbourne staff, and I later presented at one of their meetings for regional managers.

People are often heard saying, “I’m fighting to fit in all my work deadlines and I’m feeling stressed?”.

In a business setting where people are often walking a fine line to balance their professional and personal lives the reduction of stress and the raising of energy levels is one of the main ingredients for staff to being more productive.

The fact that immediate benefits occur, that people are more creative and often a clarity in their thinking after a laughter session is a welcome effect in a business setting. Scientific studies show that communication levels increase when people are more relaxed.

As part of their professional development, a laughter session that includes staff from all areas in a company definitely  boosts their morale and builds cohesive teams.

Since beginning my involvement with laughter therapy in 2002, I’ve become aware, that there is a strong correlation between  organisations in a variety of industries offering laughter sessions on a weekly or fortnightly basis, and absenteeism. The higher the attendance – the lower the absenteeism.