If I told you that you could have more energy, less stress and greater productivity by having more laughter in your life, would you laugh with me?

I’m passionate about bringing out the best in people, organisations and communities.  Most people know me as The Laughter Lady, a professional speaker, MC and leading practitioner in the ‘Laughter Industry’, Founder of Live Life Laughing,  Laughter Clubs Victoria Inc. and as Leader of Laughter Club Geelong.  I’ve also spent over twenty-five years helping clients Get Noticed, with stand-out promotions, public relations and special events.

 Please look around this website, to find out more about me, my business and community life and how I can help you harness.

Hearty Laughter = Happy People = Healthy Assets!

As a business woman, my work has incorporated being a professional keynote speaker for over 30 years, predominantly in the corporate and commercial sectors.  I have spoken to audiences in America, Europe and Australia.  My work focuses on workplace well-being and team building and injecting energy and enthusiasm into organisations.

As CEO of Live Life Laughing I bring a new approach to corporate health and wellness to increase the physical and psychological health of employees at their workplace.
Satisfied clients report that my workshops saw a lowering of stress levels, boosted energy, increased productivity for individuals.

Anecdotal evidence over many years has shown Laughter Yoga combats body breakdown in the workplace,  and results in entire organisations saving thousands of dollars.

I am an expert at delivering presentations which can take place in your conference room or outdoors.  I work with various enterprises/corporates in small or large teams, one on one consultations, via Zoom or face to face. I really enjoy customising the presentations to each event.

The best  benefit is the outcome is noticeable straight away, plus employees can continue to do the activity at their leisure.

I look forward to helping you harness Hearty Laughter, Happy People and Healthy Profits in your business, your community and your life.

Live Life Laughing!