Raising awareness and funds that support research for uterine cancer and all other cancers is the aim of the Geelong Region Cancerians.

Being a survivor of uterine cancer in August 2018 led me to the formation of the Geelong Region Cancerians. Celebrating our launch in April 2018 after only coming together three months earlier was a proud moment, and the committee are to be congratulated.

The offers expressed by many to be involved and to assist where possible, made it a delightful beginning for my wish to give back to the community in appreciation of being declared a uterine cancer survivor.

My pursuit for information led me to the Australian Cancer Research Foundation, and the following information –

Each year, about 2500 Australian women are diagnosed with uterine cancer, also known as cancer of the womb. The majority of these women are over 50. In Australia it is the fifth most common cancer diagnosed in women and also the most commonly diagnosed gynecological cancer. One in 60 women is likely to be diagnosed with uterine cancer by the age of 75.  The five-year survival rate for uterine cancer is 82%.

The Geelong Region Cancerians has become involved with the Australian Cancer Research Foundation, with Geelong being the first regional city in Victoria to form under the affiliation.

The vision for the future also includes the education and wide dissemination of information about the warning signs of uterine cancer. Printed material will be placed in doctors’ rooms, medical centres, allied health waiting rooms, and hospitals.  As the Founder of the Geelong Region Cancerians, invitations for me to give my humorous personal story, to audiences of any size, will be welcome.

The achievements of the Geelong Region Cancerians will be immeasurable for those women in Geelong and the wider community having to deal with uterine and other cancers.

I encourage you to visit the Geelong Region Cancerians website geelongregioncancerians.com.au and follow us on Facebook facebook.com/GeelongRegionCancerians/